Here are some questions that prevails in the minds of many brothers and sisters concerning the truths that we preach and teach:

Why must we call G-D by the name YHWH, Jesus Christ by YAHUSHUA Ha MESHIACH (MESSIAH) and Holy Spirit by RUACH Ha KODESH? Are we trying to be Jews? G-D can be called in any language because HE is for everyone!

Why must we keep the Feasts of the Old “Testament”? These “were” types and shadows of things to come! Were these not “crucified” with “Jesus” and ended there?

Why must we eat and drink the “Holy Communion” every time we meet as the “Holy” Convocation?

Why must the “Holy” Convocation gather on Saturday (Sabbath)? Didn’t “Jesus” died for us against such kind of laws? He says He is the “L—d” of the Sabbath and Sabbath was made for man and not man for Sabbath? Everyday is the Sabbath, We can have a “Holy” Convocation on Wednesday, Thursday and so on. Whatever and whenever one wants to have it!


Obedient to the Heavenly Vision

Opening the eyes of the “blind”, from darkness to light

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Whatever is valuable to FATHER YAHWEH, the enemy attacks in order to steal, destroy and kill [Jn 10:10]. The names of FATHER YAHWEH are very valuable to HIM. It is in the name of HIS SON that demons tremble, that we receive our answers for prayers, that we can approach HIS Throne of Mercy and so forth. Now the enemy is aware of the importance of HIS name and how it messes his kingdom up, thus he made some means to waste it up by blaspheming it. The WORD tells us that he made some means: he gave his power, his seat and great authority to the beast. There was also given unto him (the beast) a mouth speaking great things and blasphemy. Here are the reasons why: it is to blaspheme against the ALMIGHTY ONE, HIS name, HIS Tabernacle and them that dwell in Heaven [Rev 13:5 & 6]. What is blasphemy? It is to put a human being or any other creature, created like you and me in the same position of The ALMIGHTY ONE and give him or it the same attributes of The ALMIGHTY ONE—The CREATOR. That is what blasphemy is. Even to put oneself as a vicar of The ALMIGHTY ONE, is blasphemy. Let us focus more on blasphemy against HIS name. He has put gods and goddesses in HIS position. He has confabulated different names of gods and goddesses and made an attractive concoction in order to accommodate pagans and their beliefs, that is how the name Jesus Christ came about. It is surely a fabrication of gods and goddesses such as Hoses, Zeus for {Iesuos}, Christos, Krishna for {Christ}. The personal name of a person should not be interpreted. What was the reason to change YAHUSHUA to Jesus? YAHUSHUA has a meaning—savior, what is the meaning of Jesus? Why was the name changed? Was it going to be difficult for other nations to pronouns it? Yet great men that changed the world such as Hitler, Napolion and so on, their names remain the same. Why? Why call the CREATOR—our Heavenly FATHER G-D? It is to bring HIM in the same level of gods and goddesses who have ears but cannot hear, who have mouth but cannot talk and who have eyes but cannot see. The name of The ALMIGHTY ONE is YAHUWEH. This is the name HE gave to Moshe (Moses) for the first time. Do you think HE will be impressed with men changing HIS name as they will? Is there any shadow of turning with FATHER YAHUWEH? What the Scripture teaches us is that HE never changes. YAHUSHUA (or YESHUA) is the same yesterday, today and forever more. HE speaks through the mouth of HIS prophet Hosea: A time is coming when my people shall no more call me by the names of Bal (Bel) [Hos2:16]! This is to show us that even the Yisralites did loose HIS name. They were calling HIM Adoni adoni, that is where the name Adonai comes from, meaning L—D. But HE allowed it, yet HE says that a time is coming wherein HE as ELOHIM shall restore HIS name to HIS people. History  repeat itself. Yes, FATHER YAHWEH has allowed HIS children, today to call HIM by the names of Bal (Bel), because that is what we grew knowing. We were brought up and taught these names. We were honestly deceived as one prophetess put it. We cannot take this deception light. It is the deception of years and years, decades upon decades and centuries on top of centuries. But once the light is found, we must go back to the basics, go back to the old paths and ask of them which way to take and we shall find rest unto our souls. Why make a big deal about it? Is because FATHER YAHUWEH is making a big deal about it, too! YAHUSHUA is the first and the last the beginning and the end. HE is not going to allow the enemy to have the last word. HE will certainly close this chapter because it is HE who opened it and not the enemy and his beast/s. YAHUSHUA must remain being the centre and the centrality, the inclusive and the extensive, and the intrinsic and extrinsic.

F.YHWH instituted the Sabbath and not man: “And F.YHWH blessed the Seventh Day and set it apart because in it HE had rested from all HIS work which HE has created and made [Gen 2:3].” F.YHWH will not demand something from us which HE has not practice or done HIMSELF. HE rested first, laid an example for us to follow. Here is an illustration: If you are the head of the family and your surname is Tshabalala, all the laws that you put for your family to follow, in terms of behavior and other things, you expect every member of the family to do them. When people see them do it and they know how much you uphold good morality and that you are a man of integrity, when your children act like you want, they are going to know that these are surely the children of Tshabalala. As they keep your laws, this becomes a sign that they are yours. Same with F.YHWH. HE says keeping the Sabbath is a sign that we are HIS. Through YAHUSHUA Ha MESHIACH’s life, F.YHWH was showing us that it is possible for a man of  flesh and blood to leave a set—apart life in this very world, and therefore HE expect us to do the same once we receive HIS SON as our Saviour. YAHUSHUA Ha MESHIACH kept the Sabbath like HIS FATHER, as this was HIS custom [Luk 4: 17]. HE is the King of the Sabbath, meaning on the Sabbath we celebrate HIM as our CREATOR and REDEEMER, and do what HE says must done. And HE says on the Sabbath we must also do good works. So because we love HIM, on the Sabbath we forget about our daily duties. We focus on HIM and HIM alone. It should therefore not be interpreted as if we are saved only on that day and the other days we leave like we please. No!  Salvation is for everyday. It is our life style. To talk the honest truth, we do not have enough time to fellowship with the MOST HIGH during the week because we dedicate most of the time in our daily work. During the week we do have time to pray and read the WORD but on the Sabbath we know, it is for the whole day, the focus is on HIM. It is the invitation that F.YHWH extends to us. Are we willing to take it. It is like setting apart the 10% of our produce and not use it but dedicate it to HIM. Can we say that we can give HIM 7% or 8% as we wish. No! HE has demanded 10% and it is for our own blessing. It is for our benefit and we do it with delight because we understand. Same with the Sabbath it is a specific day—Sabbath and has to be celebrated wholly. The Apostles kept the Sabbath not because they were Jews, but because they loved F.YHWH. The Gentiles in the early Assembly kept the  Sabbath, surely they were not Jews. They did it because they loved F.YHWH and so saw it fit to keep HIS commandments for all to know that they are of F.YHWH. On the Sabbath we celebrate YAHUSHUA Ha MESHIACH as the centre and the centrality of our faith. HE is the King of the Sabbath. It was meant for man to enjoy it with its blessing and set—apartness. It was meant to benefit us not to burden us. Thus when you do it out of love and understanding and it becomes your delight, it will surely be enjoyable. Here is the patience of the Saints: Here are they that keep the Commandments of F.YHWH and the faith of YAHUSHUA Ha MESHIACH [Rev 14:12]

The Feasts are of F.YHWH not of man—Jews, as the general thinking is. Leviticus 23 v4 says: These are the Feasts of F.YHWH…  — not man’s feast. It could have been easily written as— “your” feasts, if they were feasts of man or Jews. These are set—apart days like today we have public holidays, which we honour by not going to work, yet they are set by man, e.g. Easter, Christmas and so forth. In other words we honour that which is set by man more than that which is set by F.YHWH. The concept of having holidays in our calendar comes from the idea of “Holidays” of F.YHWH. HE is the first one who instituted “Holidays” and man copied HIM by instituting his, but worst of all, against HIS. This was done to destroy the set—apart days (“Holidays”) that F.YHWH instituted. Today we celebrate holidays called Christmas, Easter and many more. Were they instituted by F.YHWH? They sound like HIS but HE knows nothing about them and even abhor them because many people have been miss led and deceived by those who came up with them. For instance, Christmas was formulated around the concept of persecuting the so called “Christians” of those times, which is a name that pagans came up with. Pagans chased down those who were followers of the Messiah and jailed them. During their festive season, which was somewhere around the 22nd to 29th December, they would have some fun games in their amphitheatres . Whiles they are looking forward for this celebration and festivity, they would chant a slogan amongst themselves and say: “Let it be a happy (merry) massacre of Christians”. They would release a lion from one cage and a Christian from another and look over as the lion kill the Christians. They would marvel and say it is a merry massacre of Christians. They did not have one game but many games that killed many martyrs of the “way”. YAHUSHUA kept the Feasts of F.YHWH not because HE was a Jew, but because they were of F.YHWH as pointed above [Mt 28: 17;    Mk 14:1&2; Luk 2:41&42; Jn 2:23; Jn 4:45; Jn 7: 8-14; Jn 7: 37; Jn 11: 56; Jn 12:12; Jn 13:1; Jn 13:29;]. The Apostle kept the Feasts [Acts 18:21; 1Cor 5:8] The last Scripture mentioned instruct us all to continue keeping the Feasts of F.YHWH not with the old leaven. Corinthians were Gentiles like us and therefore Shaul or Tzuar (Paul) instructs us also to keep the Feasts not with old leaven, that is by slaughtering, since YAHUSHUA Ha MESHIACH is the lamb that was slaughtered once and for all, for us all.

Scriptures must answer for themselves. In 1Corinthians 11:25 YAHUSHUA HIMSELF tell us to eat HIS body as often as we drink HIS blood in remembrance of HIM. The keyword here is—often and remembrance. What does this word —often imply? It means to say: this is an act that we must keep on doing as often as we meet. When do we meet? Once every week? This is what we must keep on doing. What does the word remembrance imply. It implies to say, if we want to remember YAHUSHUA,  we must eat and drink. How much do you want to remember HIM. I want to remember HIM more often than seldom. What are the advantages of doing this command? Let us hear from the KING’s mouth: HE says—we will live and not die—we will live forever—we will dwell in HIM and HE will dwell in us—we shall live by HIM—we will be raised up on the last day [John 6:50—58]. In John 6:66, we find that this subject caused a great havoc amongst the disciples of YAHUSHUA in that they even went back and never walked with HIM again. Many are murmuring when coming to this subject today. They eat and drink very seldom, no wonder YAHUSHUA is no more the centre and the centrality of many assemblies and instead mere “man” has taken HIS position. No wonder apostacy is so rive in the “Church” today. We must remember that,  for as often as we eat and drink, we are declaring and preaching the death of the MESSIAH till HE comes [1Cor 11:26]

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