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Our mission is to develop strong friendships and accountability among Men through regular gatherings and group interaction, and ultimately build the character of YAHUSHUA Ha MESHIACH into every man who involves himself with the Men’s Fellowship.

Men’s Fellowship

The women’s fellowship addresses the needs of female of all ages. The mentoring processes is used to provide direction and accountability to those who desire to attain maturity in the MESSIAH. This ministry prepares women to walk with dignity and beauty. As sisters in one Body, our mission is to see to it that every woman develops into the fullness of the virtuous woman FATHER YAHUWEH intended for her to be. Different projects shall have to be implemented in this department in order to acquire different skills so that our woman folks must be financially independent. This will also help them to start new empowerment projects for themselves and for the Church (Assembly/Congregation). And if anything has got to do with the Church (Assembly/Congregation), consultation must be done to be given permission and the necessary support needed.

Women’s Fellowship

This is the most important department in the Church (Assembly/Congregation). Thus the WORD of FATHER YAHUWEH puts them in high esteem, when it says they have strength and have defeated the enemy (which is the devil).

The aim of the Church (Assembly/Congregation) is to empower this department as much as it can because even the government has a lot of opportunity for them. This department must be used to its fullest potential. Different projects must be and shall be run in this department to maximize every talent, gift and skill the young people possess.

Youth Fellowship

Children ministry is the right avenue wherein wrong teaching incurred from home and/or other peers and/or other people can be corrected. This department shall comprise of children of the ages 4 – 13. Our purpose is to instill the character, Scriptural foundations and principles of the MESSIAH into the tender hearts and minds of all children.

Our mission is to equip children at their present age to develop and build a personal relationship with HIM. Our goal is to partner with parents as we together raise children who whole heartedly serve YAHUSHUA through obedience, worship and YAHUSHUA’s character.

Next Generation – Children’s Ministry

Counseling Ministry

Counseling in the Church (Assembly/Congregation) offers assistance to members in need of spiritual support and guidance. Knowledgeable and matured counselors work with the Pastor to provide counseling in a comprehensive program made up of individual counseling sessions, classes and support groups.

We offer counseling to address:

Marriage Enrichment

Personal Development

Single Parenting Empowerment

Single Relationships

Marriage Preparation (Pre-marital counseling)

Grief Recovery

Pandemic infected and affected (e.g. HIV and AIDS)

People living with Physical Disability and those affected.


General Education Ministry 

As a Church (Assembly/Congregation) we endeavour to curb illiteracy that is still rive among our Previously Disadvantaged People by training and developing.


Training and development that shall be embarked upon:

Adult Basic Education and Training

Computer Literacy

Kinder Garden

Pre – school

Combined school

After school care

Skills Development (both Adults and Youth)

Braiyle (for the blind)

Sign language


And other training and development that the Church (Assembly/Congregation) will see fit to run.

Proficient, Qualified and Experienced Staff shall be employed to provide Training in comprehensive unit standards approved by SAQA and other accredited Quality Assurance bodies relevant to training that shall be done. The Church (Assembly/Congregation) shall make sure that its academy is well accredited with different bodies of the training that shall be embarked upon.


Ushers exist to welcome, greet and seat in a spirit of love, guest (visitors) and members while maintaining order and safety in the Church (Assembly/Congregation). it is important that they must be prayer warriors for they are the face of the Assembly.


This group’s primary function is to pray before to prepare for the work and presence of FATHER YAHUWEH in the Assembly (Congregation) and provide prayer support for leadership, and commit to pray during scheduled prayer hours.

Home cell ministry

The home cell ministry most important goal is to provide opportunities for acts of Evangelism, outreach, and service to the community. Home cells are structured to be an extension of the Assembly (Congregation) to provide spiritual guidance and insight into Scriptural principles. The cell group help bridge the Assembly (Congregation) and the community and also help provide a setting for personal support.


Evangelism – Altar Ministry exists to be the personal contact for persons who give their lives to YAHUSHUA Ha MESHIACH in response to altar calls; to affirm their decisions; to pray and be the spiritual nurturer.

Evangelism – Friendship exist to plan monthly events and activities that will facilitate a Sabbath Day Service order focused on soul winning in a manner that will encourage attendees to bring their unsaved family members and friends to receive YAHUSHUA Ha MESHIACH as their King and Saviour.

Evangelism – Outreach exists to bring the message of the gospel to the doors and streets of the community around us. It is an extension of the love of FATHER YAHUWEH and a demonstration of hope to others outside the walls of the Church (Assembly/Congregation).

Hospitality Ministry

This ministry provides comfort and moral support in time of need to the immediate family of the deceased. The Hospital Visitation Ministry provide hospital and home visitations to the sick and shut-in. Feeding scheme shall also be provided for kids who are desolate, orphans, poor and having serious struggle financially.

Project Ministry

The ministry includes projects such as workshop for the physically challenged people wherein they will be manufacturing goods and working contracts found from public and private sectors.

Bursaries and grants shall be organized for those people who want to further their education. Logistics will be another and others as the SPIRIT will allow.


Institute Ministry

This ministry is focused at reaching out to schools and tertiary institutions preaching the gospel of the truth. This includes high schools, tertiary and private institutions as per FATHER YAHUWEH’s lead.

Prison Ministry

This ministry has to do with reaching out to prisons, preaching for inmates the Gospel of the living FATHER YAHUWEH and come up with rehabilitation strategies to help inmates to make a progress in their lives as soon as they go outside to the community and help them find a way to survive in the society as they will be released.

Obedient to the Heavenly Vision

Opening the eyes of the “blind”, from darkness to light

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